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Welcome to the ...

Men's Sacred Leadership Council

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About The Men's Sacred Leadership Work

The Men's Sacred Leadership Series is a transformative journey where men gather to explore and embody the principles of spirituality and leadership, creating a space where personal growth and communal well-being are interwoven. Over the course of a year, and then ongoing, this series delves into the rich tapestry and evolution of the masculine soul through the lenses of archetypal energies and collective service — King (purpose), Warrior (presence), Magician (power), and Lover (passion)—interlacing each session with meditation, reflection, and real-world active participation.


It's a pathway that honors the sacred dance between the masculine and the feminine, nurturing a balanced approach to life's challenges and community building.

As participants traverse themes of re-wilding the sacred masculine, myth-making, and embracing the harmonious marriage of dualities, they co-create a new vision for humanity—one that melds the mythical with the practical and weaves individual stories into a collective narrative. The series culminates in a celebration of integrated wholeness, empowering men to step into their roles as agents of change, committed to ongoing personal development, and the co-support of their community.


It's an odyssey of self-discovery, communal transformation, and the unfolding of a deeper connection with the self, others, and the natural world.

Sacred Leadership Archetypes

  • Guide with visionary foresight; embody group direction & intent.

  • Steadfast guardian of now; anchored in mindfulness & strength.

  • Wielder of transformation; channel energy, manifest change.

  • The heart's fire fueling all endeavors with fervor and connection.

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From Wound to Gift: Healing a Traumatized World

"In the crucible of our collective suffering, where wounds weep like molten lead, there lies a profound alchemical secret. This is a world, not merely scarred but deeply traumatized, seeking solace in the ancient arts of transformation. Here, the alchemists of old whisper of a mystical transmutation: 'From Wound to Gift'. It's a process akin to turning lead into gold, where pain and sorrow are not buried but are catalysts for growth and enlightenment.​In this hallowed transformation, the wound itself becomes the crucible. The pain, a raw material, undergoes a sacred metamorphosis. Through empathy, understanding, and the nurturing of compassion, these wounds are meticulously transfigured. Like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, each scar tells a story of resilience and rebirth. The traumas, once shackles, now become keys to unlocking profound wisdom and strength.​

Let Us Become The Change That We Want To See ...



At the heart of the Men's Sacred Leadership Council is the principle "be the change." This call to action guides men to embrace the archetypal strengths of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover, spurring personal transformation that ripples out to inspire collective evolution. Members engage in self-discovery and active participation, co-creating a reality where individual development is the catalyst for communal enrichment. It's a synergistic alchemy where inner growth kindles the flames of outer change, fueling communities with purpose, presence, power, and passion.​​

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Sacred Leadership Men's Council

Serving Our Local Communities and the Planet

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