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Session 1: New Dawning of Man's Untamed Spirit

"Stirring of the Wild Divine - Re-Wilding Sacred Masculinity"


A wild, forested landscape symbolizes the untamed masculine spirit; re-wilding of the sacred masculine at dawn.

"Think me not unkind and rude,
That I walk alone in grove and glen;
I go to the god of the wood
To fetch his word to men."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Findhorn - Men’s Spiritual Leadership Series

Cosmic Influence:

In this space, where the celestial dance above reflects the untamed vigor below, we are called to root our intentions in the fertile ground of the soul. Let the interplay of lunar light and forest shadow guide our exploration of the wild masculine within, encouraging us to weave the cosmic influence into the very fabric of our being, growing with the forest as we re-wild our spirits.

Session Details:

  1. Invocation of the Wild Masculine (30 mins):
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "The Call of the Wild," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: "Divine Masculine: 9 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Shiva" from LonerWolf.

  2. Spiritual Leadership Discussion (60 mins):
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "The Inner Kingdom," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: "Masculine And Feminine Energy: Find Your Unique Balance" from Brett Larkin.

  3. Personal Reflection (30 mins):
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Journaling the Wild Soul," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: "7 Powerful Practices to Cultivate Authentic Masculinity" from Medium.

  4. Group Sharing (60 mins):
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Accessing the Archetypal Powers of the Masculine," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: "11 Masculine Energy Crystals to Support Men in Mind, Body & Spirit" from Cosmic Cuts.

Post-Session Exercises:

Daily nature walks; journal the encounters with the wild within and around.

Closing Reflection:
As we part ways with the dawn's light gracing our path, the stirrings within us beckon to a day full of promise. Let the wisdom of the woods and the whispers of the wild embolden our steps as we forge ahead, carrying the vitality of the sacred masculine into the world around us.

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