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Session 3: Burying Old Myths and Birthing New Myths

From Phoenix Ashes to Morphogenetic Fields

A vivid portrayal of transformation, capturing the moment of emergence from the ashes of old myths into the vibrant fields of new collective consciousness. 

"In the dance of the ever-emerging field,

Weavers of wisdom, a thousand tales untold.

From the hearth of history's ashes,

To the fields that hold our future bold."

Findhorn - Men’s Spiritual Leadership Series 

Cosmic Influence:

The waxing crescent heralds a time of beginnings. As we gather, let us align with this cosmic rhythm, sowing seeds of new myths into the morphogenic fields that beckon a future forged in collective will and vision.


Session Details:

  1. Archetype Discovery (30 mins):
    Activity: Interactive exploration of archetypes that resonate within the group, fostering a deeper understanding of our role in shaping collective myths.
    Article Reference: "Emergent Archetypes and Collective Consciousness" from The Conscious Evolution Journal.

  2. Metaphor Workshop (60 mins):
    Activity: Delving into the metaphors that construct our reality, redefining them to align with the new narratives we aspire to create.
    Article Reference: "Metaphors We Live By: Redefining Reality" from The Narrative Mind.

  3. Story Crafting (30 mins):
    Activity: Individually and collectively authoring the stories that resonate with our present, as we transition from past myths to future visions.
    Article Reference: "Scripting the New Eon: Personal Myths for Collective Evolution" from StoryWeavers.

  4. Community Story Circle (60 mins):
    Activity: A dynamic session of communal storytelling, where the tapestry of a new shared myth is woven in the morphogenic field of our collective intentions.
    Article Reference: "Collective Storytelling: Weaving the Social Fabric" from Community Narratives.


Post-Session Exercises:

Participants are encouraged to engage in daily practices that allow them to observe and interact with the world as active creators of the morphogenic field.


Closing Reflection:
Tonight, we stand at the threshold of potential, where the fertile grounds of our united psyche beckon the seeds of new stories to root and flourish. Let the shared work of this gathering germinate within the morphogenic fields of our collective reality, creating a living narrative that reflects our highest aspirations and profound unity. This session outline is designed to guide participants through the process of communal myth-making, recognizing the transition from individual transformation to collective emergence as a key step in creating a new world vision.

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