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Session 4: Sacred Marriage - Dance of Feminine Masculine Archetypes

A symbolic representation of the duality between feminine and masculine, embodied in a holy dance. Here we find the pulsating rhythm of creation itself.

​"Should I not learn to look at you as one looks at a moment's flame, In the light of this, I swear, the city never will be the same." Hafiz

Findhorn - Men’s Spiritual Leadership Series

Cosmic Influence:

The waxing crescent brings with it the promise of union and growth. In the dance of feminine and masculine energies, we find the rhythm of creation itself.


Session Details:

  1. Dialogue of Duality (30 mins): Opening conversation on the interplay of feminine and masculine within.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Duality and Union," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on embracing duality within].

  2. Embodiment Practice (60 mins): Partner exercises to experience the integration of energies.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Embodying Archetypes," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on embodiment practices for masculine and feminine energies].

  3. Archetypal Journey Meditation (30 mins): Guided meditation to encounter and unite the inner archetypes.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Archetypal Meditations," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on guided meditations for archetypal integration].

  4. Creation of a Unified Vision (60 mins): Collaborative art project or storytelling session to express the sacred marriage.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Vision of Unity," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on collaborative art and storytelling for unity].


Post-Session Exercises:

Reflective journaling on the experience of balancing energies in daily life.


Closing Reflection:
As we leave the sacred dance floor where masculine and feminine have twirled together, may we continue to move in harmony, honoring the union within us that gives birth to wholeness and creativity. With every step and turn, we have woven together the threads of our individual truths to form a tapestry rich with collective insight and mutual understanding.

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