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Session 2: The Enchantment of New Beginnings - Myth, Magic, Manifest, and Meaning

Abstraction captures the essence of transformation and the fluidity of emergent stories.


"And live alone in the bee-loud glade." Yeats

Findhorn - Men’s Spiritual Leadership Series

Cosmic Influence:

As the moon diminishes, so do we shed our old stories to make way for new myths. The waning light reminds us that all things must pass, and in their place, new tales will arise.

Session Details:

  1. Unveiling Myths Within (30 mins): Creative visualization to uncover personal myths.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Mythic Landscapes," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on personal myths and storytelling].

  2. Alchemy of Personal Narrative (60 mins): Workshop on crafting one's life story as a mythic journey.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "The Mythic Journey," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on narrative psychology or the power of personal storytelling].

  3. Art as Transformation (30 mins): Creating personal sigils or symbols for transformation.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Symbols of Transformation," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on using art for personal growth and transformation].

  4. Collective Myth-Making (60 mins): Co-creating a communal story that embodies the group's vision for the new world.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Communal Mythos," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on community storytelling and myth-making].


Post-Session Exercises:

Crafting a personal mythic narrative and sharing it in a communal blog or journal.


Closing Reflection:
May the magic of the myths we've spun tonight catch the winds of change and carry us toward the horizons of our new beginnings. Each session invites us to weave new patterns in the collective dream, enriching our shared narrative with every thread we add.

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