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Sacred Leadership
Men’s Council:

The Sacred Leadership

DALL·E 2023-11-09 07.04.55 - An image that captures the essence of a men's spiritual leade

What is Sacred Leadership?

The Men's Sacred Leadership Series is a transformative journey where men gather to explore and embody the principles of spiritual leadership, creating a space where personal growth and communal well-being are interwoven. Over the course of a year, this series delves into the rich tapestry of the masculine soul through the lenses of archetypal energies—King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover—interlacing each session with meditation, reflection, and active participation. It's a pathway that honors the sacred dance between the masculine and the feminine, nurturing a balanced approach to life's challenges and community building. As the participants traverse themes of rewilding the sacred masculine, myth-making, and embracing the harmonious marriage of dualities, they co-create a new vision for humanity—one that melds the mythical with the practical and weaves individual stories into a collective narrative. The series culminates in a celebration of integrated wholeness, empowering men to step into their roles as agents of change, committed to ongoing personal development, and the co-support of their community. It's an odyssey of self-discovery, communal transformation, and the unfolding of a deeper connection with the self, others, and the natural world.

What is Mythic Alchemy?

Within the realm of "mythic alchemy," we embark on a journey that transcends conventional beliefs and beckons us to explore the intricate interplay between myth, curiosity, and creation. Myth unfolds as the expression of spirit, actively shaping our reality as it pours into the sacred vessel of human awareness. This convergence, at the boundaries of what is known, unites the inner and outer worlds, unearthing the profound power of conscious creation.

In this alchemical process, myth and curiosity intertwine, initiating a profound transformation. Alchemy itself is the dynamic action or reaction--time losing its conventional meaning in this phase--where curiosity acts as a vital ingredient within the elixir of human spirit, generating the transformative process. It's not about matter reforming itself but rather a transmutation, where the essence of spirit materializes into physical reality, manifested in molecules and the tangible world. Nuances emerge not by discovery, but through conscious crafting, densifying the gravity of our shared reality. It's a deliberate act of creation, where myth and alchemy unite, shaping our perception of reality and bringing it into existence.

This transformative journey transcends the pursuit of enlightenment, inviting active engagement with the matter-world to infuse significance into existence. In the dance between inner exploration and dynamic interaction with the external world, we unlock the magic of conscious creation. By comprehending the importance of this convergence, we become the creators of new myths, weaving intricate narratives that authentically express the essence of our being and, ultimately, shape physical reality.

As we delve deeper into this alchemical cauldron of creation, we find that we are not only observers but active participants in the unfolding drama of existence. It's a realm where the boundaries of what is known are constantly pushed, and new truths are not discovered but deliberately manifested through the collective agreement and acceptance of our shared reality. This is the essence of the god-bootstrap, where we, as creators, continually shape the narrative of our existence, adding new layers of meaning to the ever-evolving tapestry of human consciousness.

In this sacred alchemical vessel, we conjure not only our own destinies but also the very essence of our existence. It's a place where we move beyond the limitations of conventional beliefs and embrace the power of myth as a catalyst for the transmutation of thoughts into tangible reality. It's a profound paradox where we simultaneously create and discover, and in doing so, we become the magicians of our own destiny, wielding the forces of mythic alchemy to craft a reality that reflects the deepest expressions of our spirit.

What is the
Wounded Gift?

"In the crucible of our collective suffering, where wounds weep like molten lead, there lies a profound alchemical secret. This is a world, not merely scarred but deeply traumatized, seeking solace in the ancient arts of transformation. Here, the alchemists of old whisper of a mystical transmutation: 'From Wound to Gift'. It's a process akin to turning lead into gold, where pain and sorrow are not buried but are catalysts for growth and enlightenment.

In this hallowed transformation, the wound itself becomes the crucible. The pain, a raw material, undergoes a sacred metamorphosis. Through empathy, understanding, and the nurturing of compassion, these wounds are meticulously transfigured. Like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, each scar tells a story of resilience and rebirth. The traumas, once shackles, now become keys to unlocking profound wisdom and strength.

Here, the most profound alchemical revelation emerges: one's own wound, deeply personal and often hidden, transforms into a communal gift. What was once personally damaging, through a driving will and the crucible of shared experience, becomes the source of communal wellness and wholeness. Our individual pains, when courageously embraced and transmuted, contribute to the healing tapestry of the whole. This communal alchemy, where personal traumas evolve into collective treasures, reflects the interconnectedness of all beings.

This is the art of healing a traumatized world — an alchemical miracle where the darkest depths of despair illuminate the path to the most radiant gifts. It's a journey through the shadowed valleys of the soul to the luminous peaks of the spirit, where every tear shed is a step towards a future glistening with hope. This is the promise of the alchemists: that in every wound, there lies a hidden gift, waiting to be revealed through the magic of healing and transformation. Our individual sorrows, once siloed and isolating, now weave together to form a tapestry of collective healing, nurturing a world burgeoning with newfound wholeness and unity."

This addition emphasizes the transformation of personal wounds into communal gifts, highlighting the interconnectedness of individual healing and collective wellness.

DALL·E 2023-11-26 20.12.22 - A symbolic representation of the Men's Leadership Series, dep

The Sacred Leadership Series

A Journey Into Masculine Wholeness

The Men's Leadership Series is meticulously structured into ongoing cycles of convergences, distributed across thirteen sessions that recur in ongoing transformative cycles. With each cycle, we delve deeper, sharpening our comprehension and transitioning from conceptual ideals to tangible practices that harmonize and enrich our lives.



Practicing Self Integrity

We welcome men to join our circle at any point during the series, embracing the continuous ebb and flow of mentorship within our ranks.


Upon embarking on this journey, we ask for your pledge to ongoing participation for at least the full thirteen that make up one cycle, thus acknowledging the collective duty we bear to one another. Should you need to miss a session, we simply request the courtesy of notification to the group, coupled with ongoing reflection and a sincere effort to contribute back to the collective, honoring the significance of your presence among us.


Each session will be lead by one of the men, each in turn, thus generating a shared responsibility and moving the energy into empowerment. Curriculum, process, and content, relative to each series theme, is up to the man facilitating. You might even team up with another man or two to build the session. Varied venues, not just rooms, but fires sides, nature hikes, etc. are highly encouraged.


Grow Your Vision


Introduction to the Contract of Commitment

This journey you are about to embark upon is more than just a learning experience; it is a transformative path that will guide you towards realizing and embracing your fullest potential, both as an individual and as a vital member of your community.

Purpose of the Contract

The Contract to Self and Community is a foundational step in this journey. It serves as a personal declaration and a map to navigate the intricate landscape of your inner world. This contract is not merely a set of commitments; it is an invitation to delve deep into your soul, to understand and redefine your identity, and to awaken to your true purpose.

Evolving Spiritual Awareness

Through this contract, you will explore various facets of your being - your Spirit Name, Life Journey's Theme, Sacred Wound, Divine Gift, and more. Each aspect is designed to bring you closer to your spiritual core, helping you to understand and evolve personal and communal awareness. This process is about unearthing the deeper truths of your existence and aligning with a higher sense of self.

Strengthening Self Identity

The journey of self-discovery is also a journey of self-creation. As you engage with each element of this contract, you will be actively participating in the shaping of your self-identity. From confronting your personal wounds to acknowledging your divine gifts, this contract challenges you to rebuild and strengthen your identity, grounded in authenticity and truth.

Becoming a Sacred Leader of Community

Leadership in this context is not about authority or power over others, but about inspiring, guiding, and nurturing those around you. By understanding and integrating the archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover, you will uncover your unique way of leading with compassion, wisdom, and strength. Your journey through this contract is a stepping stone towards becoming a sacred leader - one who leads by example, empowers others, and contributes to the greater good of the community.



As you step into this commitment ...

Remember that this is a path of continuous growth and learning. Each step, each realization, is a part of a larger journey towards becoming the fullest expression of yourself. We welcome you to this journey with open hearts and minds, ready to support you in this transformative process.

Contract Questions To Answer Over Time



[1] What is my Spirit Name?

(Reframing Self Identity)


[2] What is my Life Journey’s Theme?

(Sense of Purpose Meaning Direction)


[3] What is my Personal Sacred Wound?

(My Suffering)


[4] What is my Divine Gift?

(My Joy Received through Service to Others)


[5] What are my Choice Points?

(Dysfunctional Behavior where I Choose to Decide Differently)


[6] What are my Survival Habits?

(Tendencies Toward Self Loathing Rather than Self Becoming)


[7] What is my King Energy?

(Purposeful Spirit: Soul Intention)


[8] What is my Warrior Energy?

(Presence of Body: Code of Honor)


[9] What is my Magician Energy?

(Powerful Mind: Transformation & Manifestation)


[10] What is my Lover Energy?

(Passionate Emotions: Expression of Desire)


[11] What is my New Mythology?

(Personal and Collective Story of Becoming)


[12] My Signature of Integrity

(Representation of Personal Commitment to the Work)


Join In At Any Time

15 Sessions

0 TUE, DEC 05, 6-9PM

1 SUN, DEC 17, 2-5PM

2 TUE, JAN 02, 6-9PM

3 SUN, JAN 14, 2-5PM

4 TUE, JAN 30, 6-9PM

5 SUN, FEB 11, 2-5PM

6 TUE, FEB 27, 6-9PM

7 SUN, MAR 10, 2-5PM

8 TUE, MAR 26, 6-9PM

9 SUN, APR 07, 2-5PM

10 TUE, APR 23, 6-9PM

11 SUN, MAY 12, 2-5PM

12 TUE MAY 28 , 6-9PM

13 SUN, JUN 09, 2-5PM

00 TUE, JUN 25, 6-9PM

Personal (1-8)   Communal (9-13)

DALL·E 2023-11-08 13.42.58 - A wild, forested landscape at dawn, symbolizing the untamed m

Session 1
New Dawning of Man's Untamed Spirit

"Stirring of the Wild Divine - Re-Wilding Sacred Masculinity"


A wild, forested landscape symbolizes the untamed masculine spirit; re-wilding of the sacred masculine at dawn.

"Think me not unkind and rude,
That I walk alone in grove and glen;
I go to the god of the wood
To fetch his word to men."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

DALL·E 2023-11-08 13.32.39 - An abstract painting that captures the essence of transformat

Session 2
The Enchantment of New Beginnings

Of Myth, Magic, Manifest, and Meaning


Artistic abstraction captures the essence of transformation - a fluidity of emergence as new stories begin to flow out of the myst-ery. 

"And live alone in the bee-loud glade."
W.B. Yeats

DALL·E 2023-11-08 19.46.21 - A vivid portrayal of transformation, capturing the moment of

Session 3
Burying Old Myths and Birthing New Myths

From Phoenix Ashes to Morphogenetic Fields


A vivid portrayal of transformation, capturing the moment of emergence from the ashes of old myths into the vibrant fields of new collective consciousness. 

"In the dance of the ever-emerging field,

Weavers of wisdom, a thousand tales untold.

From the hearth of history's ashes,

To the fields that hold our future bold."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 13.38.24 - A symbolic representation of the sacred marriage between femi

Session 4
Sacred Marriage - Dance of Feminine Masculine Archetypes

A symbolic representation of the duality between feminine and masculine, embodied in a (w)holy dance.


Here we find the pulsating rhythm of creation itself.

"Should I not learn to look at you as one looks at a moment's flame, In the light of this, I swear, the city never will be the same." Hafiz

DALL·E 2023-11-08 13.19.19 - An enlightened ruler, symbolizing clarity of vision and the b

Session 5
Sovereignty of the Self - The King Archetype

PURPOSE (Spirit) ...

An enlightened ruler, symbolizing clarity of vision and the benevolence of true leadership.

"An old silent pond... A frog jumps into the pond— Splash! Silence again." Matsuo Basho

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.02.46 - A spiritual warrior in meditation, symbolizing the balance be

Session 6
Way of the Spiritual Warrior

PRESENCE (Body) ...


Harmony of Action and Awareness


A disciplined man in meditation, embodying the depth and mindfulness of the Spiritual Warrior archetype.

""In stillness, the Warrior finds strength,
And in silence, the battle is won.
Not by sword, but by spirit, the journey's length
Is measured in lessons learned and insights spun."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.14.24 - A serene figure embodying the Magician archetype, surrounded

Session 7
Mastery and Transformation - The Magician Archetype

POWER (Mind) ...


Alchemy of the Self - Weaving Essence into Being


A serene figure embodying the Magician archetype, surrounded by symbols of transformation, alchemy, and creative spirit.

""Within the circle of his will, infinite mysteries lie still. By the wand in hand, the world's heart stands revealed to the inner command."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.20.38 - A contemplative figure representing the Lover archetype, surr

Session 8
Connection - The Lover Archetype

PASSION (Emotion)


Embracing the Dance of Life - The Lover's Journey


A contemplative figure representing the Lover archetype, surrounded by an environment filled with natural beauty, art, and symbols of passion and connection.

""In every heart's beat, the Lover's tale,
A symphony of connections that prevail.
Through art, through touch, through harmonious sight, The Lover weaves a world so bright."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.34.34 - A visionary scene where individuals are coming together to bu

Session 9
Communal Empowerment - Synergy in Action

Collective Effervescence - The Spirit of Separate Togetherness


A group of individuals collaboratively engaged in community building activities, representing personal aspirations and shared unity.

"Joined hands, shared dreams, a vision we mold,
In the gathering of hearts, each story unfolds.
Together we rise, in unity we stand,
Creating a future, woven by the collective hand."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.38.05 - A dynamic gathering of people from diverse backgrounds, stand

Session 10
Co-Creation of a New World Vision

United Visions - The Mosaic of Our Future


A dynamic gathering of people from diverse backgrounds around a globe, symbolizing the co-creation of a new world vision.

"From many, one; from one, many more,
Together we shape the world's core.
With every hand that joins, the dream we spin,
In unity, our new world vision begins."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.44.57 - A harmonious blend of natural and urban elements, representin

Session 11
Integrative Wholeness - Personal and Communal Wellness

Harmonizing Paths - The Confluence of Well-being


A balanced ecosystem with thriving greenery and sustainable urban structures, symbolizing the integration of personal well-being and community health.

"As roots intertwine to anchor the earth's embrace, So do our lives weave a tapestry of grace. In the well-being of one, the whole finds its pace, And together, we journey through time and space."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.55.55 - A vibrant community scene where individuals are actively invo

Session 12
Active Commitment - Communal Cosupport

Empowering Connections - The Weave of Collective Action


A vibrant scene representing a community actively engaged in co-support and collaborative endeavors, supporting each individual's growth.

"Hand to hand and heart to heart,
In shared dreams we all take part.
Through each action, small or grand,
We shape the future, hand in hand."

DALL·E 2023-11-08 20.27.45 - A figure representing the mature masculine principle, standin

Session 13
The Mature Masculine - Individual Empowerment and Communal Harmony

"Grounding Leadership - The Integration of Masculine Principles"


Purpose Presence Power Passion

Representation of the mature masculine, rooted in the earth, arms reaching skyward, with a backdrop of a harmonious community.

"Steadfast as the ancient oak, sheltering the land beneath, In wisdom's shade, we gather and weave the communal wreath. The strength of the lone, the power of the whole. In unity, the masculine finds its truest role."

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