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Session 5: Sovereignty of the Self - The King Archetype

PURPOSE (Spirit) ...

An enlightened ruler, symbolizing clarity of vision and the benevolence of true leadership.

​"An old silent pond... A frog jumps into the pond— Splash! Silence again." Matsuo Basho

Findhorn - Men’s Spiritual Leadership Series


Cosmic Influence:

As the moon wanes, we are reminded of the importance of consolidating our power, of reflecting upon our vision, and preparing to lead with purpose.

Session Details:

  1. Majestic Musings (30 mins): Reflect on the qualities of the King archetype.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "The King's Virtue," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on the qualities of leadership and the King archetype].

  2. The King's Vision (60 mins): Articulate personal and communal visions.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Envisioning the Kingdom," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on creating and manifesting a personal vision].

  3. Decree of Destiny (30 mins): Craft personal purpose statements.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "Purpose and Destiny," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on the power of purpose and crafting a personal mission statement].

  4. Roundtable of Regency (60 mins): Present and discuss each man's vision and purpose.
    Reading Reference: [Book Title], Chapter [X], "The Council of Kings," p. [XX].
    Article Reference: [Title and link of an article on the benefits of peer councils in personal development].


Post-Session Exercises:

Implement elements of the envisioned purpose in daily life and observe the outcomes.


Closing Reflection:
May the sovereignty we've claimed here extend beyond these walls, into the kingdoms of our lives, where each man rules with wisdom, justice, and compassion. With every decision and action, we forge our destiny, guided by the stars of our deepest visions and underpinned by the solid ground of our collective commitments.

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